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If your life were a book, the cover would look like…?

Mine would be a deep purple with sparkly turquoise lettering. I love purple. It makes me think of mystery and magic, which is what my mind is drawn to in a book. Turquoise is my favorite color and the sparkles are for giving the reader a small peak at my personality 😊

I don’t think there’d be any images on my cover, except for maybe a black cat. Black cats are my spirit animals. They sleep all day and don’t give a f@ck about what others think of them. They also tend to be the most overlooked animal in animal shelters due to their facial features being less visible than say a calico or a tabby cat.

But for me? Black cats have a special mystery to them. They have a bright sparkle in their eyes and they’re like little panthers prowling around. They’re stunning and majestic! I mean, just look at this handsome boy!

Anyways, I digressed a bit from my original thought process. This was supposed to be just a quick update so people do not think I have given up on the blog thing again or writing in general. 😃

So, what have I been up to? Well, I had been planning on my next post being a review on 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami, but alas I had to mark that book as DNF. I so, so wanted to love 1Q84! It had great reviews and an awesome plot concept. But! I had a really hard time connecting with the characters and the writing style. It started seeming torturous to pick up that book, and because I really wanted to finish it, I wasn’t reading anything else at the time. So, here I was, reading this book that seemed to drone on, and I felt myself wanting to do other things instead. I felt myself falling back into the routine of not enjoying reading that I had last year when I was in my lowest point. So, I made the decision that I would shelf the book as DNF for now and start reading some of the ARCs I received this month instead.

I think this has always been a problem for me. I have a hard time saying that a book is a DNF and then I try to push my way through to finish it, just to say I did. But is that healthy? For me, no. It just makes me want to not read anything else for a few weeks.

Maybe one day, I’ll pick up 1Q84 again. Luckily, I checked it out from my local library, so I didn’t spend money on it 😊 There are a couple other Murakami books I’d like to try before going back to 1Q84 though, especially after reading some of the reviews of others who didn’t care for the book.

So, other than that, my life had just been like a hamster on a wheel, just going, going, going. Not a bad thing, at least I’m going and still keeping on with my progress. I upped my daily steps goal, I cleaned my apartment, and I have some new items to work on at work. Life is great!

The next time we meet, I should hopefully have some book reviews for your enjoyment! Until then, leave a comment on what your life’s book cover would look like in the comments below!

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