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This Crazy Life! Being sick and Binge-watching Anime

Okay, my life really isn’t that crazy, but I feel like I’m finally walking back into the light.

After my sinus infection last month, I ended up getting a cold 2 weeks later and then some sort of virus or whatnot (could have sworn it was flu or strep, but doc thought otherwise). Two 10 day dosings of antibiotics and a steroid shot later, I finally feel human again!

I’ve been slacking on my reading a bit due to sleeping a lot to get back to 100% and I’ve been binge-watching Criminal Minds on Netflix.

Also! This past week, I started watching Kamisama Kiss and Black Clover on Funimation. 😱🤯😍 There is just something about a Kitsune familiar with the smoothest voice (guys – The English actor is the same guy who voices Sebastian in Black Butler! 🤩). Ahem. The anime was short *cries*, so I started reading the manga to get my fix.

Black Clover is fun too! Many of the same voice actors from Kamisama Kiss also voice the characters in Black Clover, although I haven’t heard my favorite smooth voice yet.

  • So there’s my quick update! I’ll make another post soon with some short reviews of the books I read this month 😃 until next time!
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