Book Review

Book Review: Going to the Sun ~ Eddie Owens

I was provided a free copy of Going to the Sun by the author, Eddie Owens, in exchange for an honest review.

Published on September 12, 2018

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Official Blurb

Danny and Beth are high school sweethearts in small town Montana, looking forward to graduation before they join the army.

Then a tragic accident tears their lives apart.

We follow both of their stories: one to prison and one to war.

They are finally reunited in a desperate race to save the people they love.

My Review

I saw a lot of potential in this story and was excited to read it. The first chapter opens up in the year 2011 and had me hooked when Beth is saving Danny from some enemies, and she was quite the badass.

We then flash back to 2007 to the months prior to Beth and Danny’s high school graduation. We find out a little of the backstory of how Beth and Danny were separated and what the tragic incident was, and why one went to prison.

The story is told mainly through the points of view of Danny and Beth and how they spend their years apart growing into adults.

My Thoughts

I felt that the author had a great story, but didn’t really execute it very well. Going by the blurb of the story, I was expecting a lot more of the story to revolve around the race to save the people they love more than the backstory of how they got there. I mean, a good backstory is needed, but I think there was too much backstory and much of the backstory didn’t seem like it was necessary to the story (for example, the points of view of everyone but Danny and Beth).

I also enjoyed Danny’s story more than Beth’s. Beth, to me, seemed kind of like a let down. True, she was hard working, but it seemed like all she did was work and have meaningless sex…with almost every guy she came in contact with. It was like she became her sister, Peggy, minus the promiscuous clothing.

Danny’s story seemed a little more redeeming and I felt that his story could have carried the book and made the story drag a little less by just getting his side.

In Conclusion

I really wanted to like this book more than I did, but it just didn’t reach me like it was probably intended to. I felt that the story was too drawn out and had too much going on that didn’t seem related to the main story. However, just because it wasn’t my type of read, doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t enjoy it more than I did. I personally give Going to the Sun 3 stars, because I liked Danny’s story and felt that he carried the book for me.

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