Book Review

Book Review ~ Wizarded Away by Mason J. Schneider

I was asked to check out Wizarded Away by the author himself. I got the Kindle edition for $0.99 and decided to give this story a try. 

You can read this book for free through Kindle Unlimited or you can still get it for $0.99 on Kindle. 🙂

If you’re interested, make sure to add to your Goodreads shelf!

Official Blurb (from Goodreads)

Myles had always wanted more out of life. He needed adventure and excitement and wanted to experience the things he had only ever read about in books or seen on movies. On one particular night Myles sat in a beach side cave and admired the opportunity that came with the sight of the moon and stars. He fell asleep shortly after, and unbeknownst to him a wizard had overheard his yearning for adventure. Making a rash decision, the wizard placed a sleeping spell on the boy and brought him into the Wizard World. Now Myles has to make a decision- will he return home to his family or train as a wizard apprentice?

My Thoughts

The book opens up with Myles staring at the stars and wishing for something more to his life. Along comes Alfaron, a wizard with an affinity for curiosity, who feels Myles’ yearning for adventure. Alfaron decides to take Myles to his home world, Lavantala to become a wizard’s apprentice.

Okay, it was kind of weird that a strange old man puts a young kid asleep and whisks him off to a magical world. But, if you also think about it, Hagrid was a strange giant who whisked Harry Potter off to Diagon Alley after telling him he was a wizard, so, I guess not so weird for a fantasy novel.

Myles quickly begins his training and trials to become a wizard’s apprentice, even earning himself a dragon friend. After his training is complete, Myles becomes a wizard to contend with pretty quick and saves the world from a darkness threatening to consume Lavantala.

Wizarding Away is a story with a lot of potential and a world full of magic, but I felt that the story was too rushed. I felt that there could have been more development of the characters. Myles’ training took place over the course of 2 months and that 2 months passed in the course of a few pages. This being said, I feel that a fantasy novel with this pace would actually be perfect for the younger reader; not only would it introduce a child to a magical world, but it wouldn’t be a daunting read. As an adult, I kind of wish there were more meat to the story and details.

If you enjoy stories like Eragon or Harry Potter, you might find yourself enjoying this quick read.

In Conclusion

Wizarding Away was a fun short story, but I found myself wishing for more details about Lavantala and Alfaron. For a fantasy novel, I felt a little shorted of details and story meat, but for the lack of meat, the story was definitely magical.

For potential, I give this story 3 stars. I’ll keep my eye out for a sequel and maybe I’ll get some more of those details I’m craving 🙂

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