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Wow! It’s Been Awhile!

To be honest, I fell off the book review wagon and just wanted to read, read, read. I went back and forth on whether I wanted to keep my blog open or not, and I decided to let it sit for a bit until inspiration to write again hit me. I fully expected it to be a few months or more. But, I started reading and having thoughts about the books I was reading, and I found myself thinking of new things to write about. I was just pure lazy though and didn’t feel like pulling out my laptop. And even then, I didn’t feel like typing on either my tablet or phone either. Like I said, pure lazy. 😂

Then, on January 21, I adopted a cat from a local cat cafe! We’ve had some ups and downs, but he’s been a little champ and a little booger (depending on the day) and I love him so much! So, now I’ll be adding my new cat, Binx (from Hocus Pocus), to my writing roster. Hopefully, you will get my first Binx tale next week!

Also, I will aim to do at least ONE book review a month. It sure what I’ll be reviewing next, but that’s the fun of the surprise!

So, until then, I’ll leave you with a picture of Binx!

Check out my Instagram @amachellef for the daily Binx pics I post!

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